👨‍💼Scalia Infrastructure Business Model

Scalia Company Information

How does Scalia Infrastructure produce revenue?

  1. Subsidize: The services we acquire can be rented at low cost, meaning we can subsidize already existing integrations and charge for them, creating a profit margin for revenue.

  1. Subscription Model: Most people do not plan on using the service they are purchasing for a lifetime, hence we offer subscription plans on the services we buy to allow people

  1. Diversified Services: Scalia offers direct access to a diverse range of DePIN products and services, all in one place. We remove the need to go through various DePIN sources and pay expensive prices for each respective product.

How does the company accrue value back to the $SCALE token & it's holders?

  1. Revenue Share: Rewards generated from our ecosystem, whether short-term or long-term, will be given back to $SCALE holders.

  1. Transaction Taxes: A fair portion of the revenue gathered from $SCALE transaction taxes (5% buy/5% sell) will be used to bolster our revenue share model, therefore increasing the amount of rewards generated for $SCALE holders.

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